Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Things Getting Borked

We're getting some clues as to what CCP might do to 'fix' the PIpocalypse recycling 'exploit' from the latest changes to Singularity. The most up to date patch has disabled the ability to reprocess POS modules and new Broken versions of all the Tier 4 Planetary products have been added to the object database. So it seems entirely likely that anyone holding the unbroken products will find them replaced as of Wednesday (when the 1.0.1 patch is due to be released). The new broken items can't be used in building POS stuff any more, but they're not completely useless, they can be refined to 10,000 units of tritanium.

Now we have a clear idea where CCP is going with this, the question is how thorough they will be in following the trail of melted POS parts. Swapping all current tier 4 products with their broken versions will be easy, and it won't be much harder to cancel all active manufacturing jobs using the new blueprints and return the input materials to the installer. But people who were on the ball fast will have built and sold completed towers on the market already, at that point I don't see CCP going after completed products. So people that got in early and didn't get in too deep have probably made a tidy profit, and the copycats who rush to follow are more likely to be left with piles of worthless broken components. Then again, those components will eventually be 'collectors items' - so if I had one I wouldn't refine them.

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