Tuesday, May 10, 2011


In 10 seconds of madness I managed to go from +5.0 sec status to -4.21 - there was a mining operation that consisted of half a dozen toons all clearly struck from the same mold. It was early in the morning and I was feeling like a laugh so I decided to drop a discogeddon on top of their little operation.

The first volley of SB's killed the retrievers, but the covetors were more robust and I was faced with a split second decision over whether to save my sec status, or to kill the covetors and the pods.

The ship kills were all about -4% each , so a bunch of those would have still left me in positive territory, but the pod kills are -21% each, so those last 2 covetor kills cost me dearly. Still I'm not totally excluded from hi-sec space, I can still work in 0.5 sec systems. Also, I notice the I got a sec status loss for a 6th ship, bringing me down to -4.4 . there was another covetor, but somehow It survived and died 10 minutes later, so I get the security hit without the killmail. (can someone clarify - it must have been the same ship? or could he have swapped ships at a station or the orca and lost a different one, but still had me take the sec status hit?)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Long Time No Post....

I think the whole CSM 6 thing made me lose interest in writing about Eve for the last few months and we've had quite a busy few months so It really has been remiss of me to ignore this blog and its handful of occasional readers.

My in game wealth seems to be stuck around the 30bill mark, the PI revamp came and managed to introduce rendering bugs and general slowness on my system so it has fallen by the wayside, the noctis market stabilised and I stopped making billions from manipulating the nocxium market. Trading became dull again, and my trading alt is now relegated to selling the piles of mission loot that I'm farming using a passive tanked Rattlesnake, a ship that can easily pull full aggro on any level 4 mission so I can get on with other more interesting things. This is the mission equivalent of AFK mining.

That rattler however couldn't tank a pirate who I was foolish enough to engage, I jad a whole plan related to my my alt flying a noctis fitted with neuts and other ewar, but I messed things up and sat around for 15 minutes while rats shot me and his orca brought in a tengu. Yes... I should ahve shot the rats while I was waiting. I've no idea what I was thinking. but in the end we talked a lot and while the loss was embarrassing the contacts I have made may still help me turn a profit. I've since bought another rattler and fitted it with t2 Purger rigs, which gives it an omnitank north of 1700dps, more if I use fleet boosts. If I'm actually paying attention, I have more important things to do than running missions, incursions are the PVE activity of choice these days.

But yes, the most embarrassing loss was my noctis that was salvaging in a mission, while my main was droning rats to death, and meanwhile I was playing Lego Rock Band with my kids, specifically I was playing 'We Are The Champions' while a new wave of rats spawned and killed my salvage ship. I haven't been afflicted with this level of Irony since I lost a ship to a bubble camp while watching The Prisoner's escape attempt prevented by a pink bubble.

And while I didn't lose my ship on Ganknight 28 I was one of that elite group of retards who though that shooting Black Jack would be a good idea - indeed, many regular GN attendees seem to think it was the *best* idea in retrospect. The crow I was flying that day was the one I'd found abandoned outside a station in Empire, and it served me well, getting me on half a dozen killmails. Shame I lost it the next day while heading into nullsec to try running one of these pirate mission arcs, I could have easily pulled range on the dictor and AF on the gate, but instead activated my cloak after getting some range. Even more of a shame that I also managed to lose my scout's stealth bomber due to fat fingering my mwd-cloak maneuver. Perhaps I shouldn't have tried to visit this agent on a sunday, better to wait to a quieter time.

Anyway, I'll leave you all to chill with your Quafe Zero (one day I hope to push my lol-dramiel above 25km/s using this)