Tuesday, May 10, 2011


In 10 seconds of madness I managed to go from +5.0 sec status to -4.21 - there was a mining operation that consisted of half a dozen toons all clearly struck from the same mold. It was early in the morning and I was feeling like a laugh so I decided to drop a discogeddon on top of their little operation.

The first volley of SB's killed the retrievers, but the covetors were more robust and I was faced with a split second decision over whether to save my sec status, or to kill the covetors and the pods.

The ship kills were all about -4% each , so a bunch of those would have still left me in positive territory, but the pod kills are -21% each, so those last 2 covetor kills cost me dearly. Still I'm not totally excluded from hi-sec space, I can still work in 0.5 sec systems. Also, I notice the I got a sec status loss for a 6th ship, bringing me down to -4.4 . there was another covetor, but somehow It survived and died 10 minutes later, so I get the security hit without the killmail. (can someone clarify - it must have been the same ship? or could he have swapped ships at a station or the orca and lost a different one, but still had me take the sec status hit?)

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