Friday, October 28, 2011

Updates.... at last.

I have been terribly remiss in updating this, I haven't postend anything since May. In a large part that was because Incarna sapped my desire to play Eve Online, instead I spent hours learning Pro-Guitar mode in Rock Band 3.

The second summer of rage came and went, I chose to keep my accounts active with PLEX, and in recent weeks I rediscovered some level of interest in New Eden. Mostly because I can see another bunch of long needed fixes actually getting some development priority. Yes, I'm one of those pilots who can use Large TII Hybrids, so the hybrid rebalance and Talos are looking like they'll play into my hands. I've also finished training all the basic ships skills and have level V in every racial Frigate, Cruiser & Battleship skill. The only subcaps I still have to train for are the Amarr and Minmatar Transport ships. In theory I'm a skillbook and a couple of hours away from any carrier or dread in the game, buty I'm saving my money until I need to fly one.

I have a friend in Rooks and Kings and would dearly love to fly with them, but realisticly I still don't get the dedicated screen time to PVP.

And I've found that I like making game videos, so I started publishing regular updates on my youtube page, I posted my own look at new graphics for the CQ's and cynos in te brief time they were on Singularity. And it got a decent amount of interest.

I've also taken to twitter, because writing whole blog posts can seem like too much work, you can find me at:!/DJSnM

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