Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Myth About Mission Rewards Busted....

Anyone who knows about the mechanics of missions will know that one of the biggest factors in determining mission rewards is the security status of the system where the agent is based. This is a hundred times more important than the agent quality, so all those pilots grinding missions in Dodixie are really missing out on a decent chunk of their mission rewards.

Now, many sources state that mission rewards that are governed by this include ISK, LP and Standing gain, and indeed I thought this was the case, so when grinding standings for a research alt I used my understanding of the game to run a bunch of courier missions in low-sec hoping that the lower security status would lead to faster standings gains.

Well it didn't, the gains were essentially identical to those of another agent with the same quality and located in a 0.8 status system, so my cunning plan was thwarted. The mission rewards and LP were slightly better, but they were a drop in the ocean compared to what I could be doing elsewhere, all I cared about was standing. (and more importantly, standing that I could gain while paying the least amount of attention to the game while working on other stuff).

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