Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Character Creation

Don't sweat character creation, it doesn't matter what you do, everyone in the game starts out in roughly the same way, there's no way to get an appreciable advantage over other noobs by carefully navigating the character creation system.

You get to pick
  1. Your Race - which determines what kind of ships and weapons you start out with.
  2. Your Bloodline - which determines what your character portrait looks like
  3. Your Background - which changes your starting system and corporation
  4. Your Name - Which might get respect / lols / changedbyGM depending what you use.
The only one that has any real difference is your race, your race will change what kind of 'rookie' ship you're given whenever you need one, and it will change the gunnery skill and spaceship skill you start out with. If you change your mind and want to fly another race's ships then it'll take a few hours to train to the same level.

So, character creation doesn't commit you to anything other than a name, a face and a certain kind of free ship every time you need one. So, pick your starting character based on the face and racial history, because you can't change that, and pick a good name, because you can't change that either.

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