Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Eve Rookie -

So having played Eve Online for a couple of years I found my kids had got interested in flying internet spaceships, and I foolishly created an 'alt' account, partly so they could play, and partly because I was going to need a second account for some of my future plans. Now with a new account I got dropped back into the rookie channels and very quickly I realised that while it's nice to have 2 years of in game skills, it's equally refreshing to have 2 years of in game experience and share it with the rookies who're learning the game. And so, with that In mind I'm hoping to start writing about all the fun stuff you can do in Eve, and why you shouldn't be intimidated by the naysayers who say it's too hard, or that you can't compete because of the skill training system leaving you perpetually playing catchup. If I can teach a 4 year old kid to fly a ship then you can do it too.

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