Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tyrannis Minerapocalypse Dev Blog

CCP officially responded to the insurance changes with a dev blog, and I can say I feel pretty good about what I've seen so far.
  • The insurance rates will now be dynamic recomputed based upon market prices for the commodities used to build ships, the payout you get may change over the lifetime of the insurance contract (assuming your ship lives long enough)
  • A number of steps are being taken to reduce the supply of minerals from secondary sources, the loots tables will be getting tweaked to replace some Tech 1 loot with scrap metal and faction tags
  • Drone compounds are being rebalanced to return more low end minerals. Plush compound is now even more awesome for mineral compression than it was before with a 50:1 compression ratio. Shame there's no Plush Compound BPO....
  • Mid range asteroid ores which appear in lowsec are getting a boost to the production of low-end minerals, with the intention of balancing the spread of ores and making those midrange rocks worth mining again.
  • Insurance rates for different ship types are getting tweaked, T2 ships in general will be buffed while supercaps are going to find the default insurance rates dropped to <10%
There's a bit of speculation going on, particularly among Zydrine and Megacyte which have seen their values drop significantly in the last year. Personally I wish there were a mineral futures market because I could short sell those low ends minerals that are likely to drop in value even before the Tyrannis update drops.

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