Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Next Expansion After The Next Expansion

Some sharp eyed people noticed this picture which was part of this GDC Europe presentation. This confirms that CCP's current plan is for Incarna to be the Summer 2011 expansion, with a bunch of Incarnaesque features and presumably bugfixes following on in the 2011 winter expansion. The same document also puts the planned release date for 'Invasion' as November 16th, and to tie in with the 18 month plan, I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that Eve's winter 2011 release will be the one that ties into Dust 514.

I must admit that I'm going through a period of disinterest in Eve right now, Planetary Interaction has been the main culprit in killing my love of the game. When the asteroid video got popular I spent a day where I almost didn't log into Eve, I only remembered with minutes to spare that I had a skill completing and needed to line up some new ones. And not double clicking on a hundred extractors made me feel a whole lot better, so my entire PI infrastructure has ground to a halt.
But this has had a knock on effect on my Eve playing, now, since I'm not doing PI, I'm not really making the best use of my time, which eventually morphs into not caring about the whole game in general.

I've got enough isk and assets to buy PLEX's for a couple of years with both my accounts, hopefully they'll fix the game before by money runs out.

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