Friday, September 17, 2010

New ORE Ship - The Noctis Salvage Ship

The Noctis, based off the Primae's hull we're getting a proper new ship in the next expansion. It'll be a dedicated salvager with bonuses to tractor beams and salvagers "60% bonus to tractor beam range and speed per level" so that'll be 80km range tractor beams if you train the new 'ORE Industrial' skill to level 5.

The blueprints will be seeded out in ORE space and will retail for 390,000,000 isk, so you can expect a few expensive lossmails in the days after the release as traders attempt to move these to hi-sec. I have no doubts that this will be a very popular ship replacing thousands of destroyers shoehorned into this role for the past few years. So, expect the demand for destroyers to drop off soon too.

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