Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Stuffs

I thought that Invasion was a better name, but nonetheless the last couple of months have been fascinating with the devs finally aquesing to good sense and spending some dev time on the low hanging fruit that the players have been requesting.
* Rockets De-Nerfed - leading to speculators buying up all the faction and TII missile boats
* Tech II ammo de-nerfed
* Icon changes to differentiate those fancy faction and deadspace modules
* Afterburners and Microwarpdrives now look different
* Menus reorganized, so that it's harder to accidently trash your ships.
* Probes on the overview

Meanwhile CCP have decided that 'excellence' is something worth committing to and have rejiggered the release date of Incurstion, and boy am I happy to hear this. The proper release with new avatars, incursions and improved PI is pushed back to january, but the user requested fixes will be released on November 30th (and a bonus christmas present just before Christmas).

Anyway.... this is all old news, the new news is the leaking/posting of the trailer for Incursion showing us a whole bunch of ice miners getting wiped out by a Sansha invasion fleet while Mr K himself looks on (showing off the new character modellin technology). Given the number of ice miners which are macros I find myself egging on the bad guys :)

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