Tuesday, November 30, 2010

If Only Industry Were Always This Exciting

I was one of the 200+ pilots who logged in 4C-B7X this morning in an attempt to snag an early lead in the noctis market. Even though I got in seconds after downtime the system filled up in seconds, but the station camps never assembled themselves quickly enough to catch me or many other pilots who all had the same plan. I had been slightly worried because I'd seen a 40 man gang from IT sitting on one of the stations last night...

But they didn't bother to turn up in the morning and the undock was mostly clear. I decided my risk threshold was about 2billion isk, so I 'only' bought 5 blueprints (390million each), loaded them into my Tengu and headed to hi-sec with best possible speed. Along the way I had some conversations with other T3 pilots making the run, and many LOL's were had at the pilots in covert ops ships getting caught by the occasional gatecamp. The last jump into hi-sec at Orvolle was especially impressive with a lag inducing number of bubbles surrounding the gate, but again, I just warped right through these and into hi-sec.

Most pilots headed for Jita or Dodixie, but I set my eyes on Amarr, on the far side of the cluster, I wasn't the first person to get a BPO on the market, but it looks like I was the first one to sell one - for a cool 899,999,999 isk. Now that may see like quite a markup from my purchase price, but based on the fact that I was able to the first ship off my production line for 360million you can see that the buyer still got themselves a bargain. Unless of course they were foolish enough to start researching it first....

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  1. So, you are the one that got away. Well, one of the ones that got away I suppose.