Thursday, May 6, 2010

7 Years Of Eve Patches (Part 1)

If you didn't know already, Eve is 7 years old and so In celebration of this anniversary I present 7 years of Highlights from the Eve patch notes.

1002 - Chance of pirates to warp scramble has been added
- vast amounts of carebear pain hinge on this change in the very first Eve patch.

1031 - Added a warp to gang member option, which allows a gang member to warp to a fellow gang member if they are in the same system, regardless of visibility.
- could you imagine PVP without this?

1054 - The response time for empire police, faction militaries and CONCORD in 0.5 - 1.0 security space has been increased.
- Even in the early days suicide ganking was a valid tactic.

1058 - Anti warp scrambler AKA warp core stabilizer is now available on the market
- warp core stabilizers make their debut in the ongoing tackle arms race

1077 - Sentry guns are now deployed near stargates
- Lowsec gatecamping gets nerfed

1105 - Minmatar cruisers and battleships have had their speed bonus removed...
- Even before Nano whines there were speed nerfs

1113 - Billboards are now stationed beside stargates in empire space.
- And everyone had one more thing to remove from their overview

1128 - Advancements in Planck Bubble Generation Technologies have allowed for the creation of containers that have higher capacity than volume. All containers can now contain 20% more than the space they occupy.
Oh well that explains everything

1165 - If you have recently participated in combat (if you attack someone or fight back if attacked) then you will from now on not be allowed to dock or jump for a period of time.
- Station games get nerfed, just a little, people still whine

1215 - The duration of insurance coverage has been expanded from one week to three weeks with no price increase.
yet even today I don't insure anything unless I expect it to die within a week

1238 - Something about fixing mission exploits, nothing anyone cares about today.

1246 - A new "Look at" feature which allows for the camera to focus on a new object, is now available on most objects/entities in space.
- CCP boosting the Eve movie makers before Youtube had even launched.

1254 - Preferences are correctly persisted upon shutdown of the client.
- Or so they thought.... still working on this problem the last I looked.

1352 - Tech Level 2.... The blueprints will be introduced via Research Agents.
- And so the epic saga of Tech 2 BPO's is launched.

1378 - HUD Markers fade out if they are further away
- Funnily enough we were just talking in the CSM channel about proposing this as a feature...

1389 - Conquerable stations are in. & Anchorable warp disruptors are in.
- 0.0 became a more interesting place

1403 - Area of effect damage caused by missiles has been removed
- If this was still in I'd bet that Caldari wouldn't have become the carebears race of choice.

1413 - Insurance payments made on Elite Frigates that were destroyed will now use the base price of materials when a payment is made
- T2 Insurance was a hot issue even back then.

1424 - A second test server named "Entropy" has been added to the login window. This server is used for reproducing bugs and testing release candidates.
- Before Singularity was the test server, and before you had to install a patched client.

1549 - A new criminal flagging system has been added into the game
- prior to this you didn't retain GCC's for 15 minutes, and friend could still rep a criminal without getting a GCC themselves.

1618 - The person that did the most damage to an opponent after combat encounter now also receives a kill mail.
- And so the seeds of the killboard are sown.

1724 - "Cloaking now has a 30 second reactivation delay", "The cloaking proximity range has been changed to 2000m", "It is no longer possible to change or reload ammunition when cloaked."
- Cloaking had been in the game for a while already but a whole bunch of exploits had arisen, and so the modern day cloaking mechanics where introduced to nerf these.

1754 - Remote Armor Repair System modules are now available
- Spidertanking FTW

1755 - Advanced Learning Skills that boost character attributes are now available on the market.
- Because forcing everyone to train basic learning skills wasn't bad enough.

I don't have dates for these, but that brings us up just prior to the release of Exodus where CCP intended to make 0.0 really awesome and make people leave hi-sec in search of riches.


  1. Great fun - thank you!

    Looking forward to the next parts.

  2. 1424 - A second test server named "Entropy" has been added to the login window. This server is used for reproducing bugs and testing release candidates.
    - Before Singularity was the test server, and before you had to install a patched client.

    ^^ Actually, EVE had Chaos as the main test server already. Iirc Entropy was a secondary test server that always used the same version as TQ, which yes, meant that people could test without patching - but there was a test server before Entropy.

  3. Didn't know the complete history of the test servers, I just picked that out nowadays it requires a bit more work to get setup on SiSi or Multiplicity.