Thursday, May 6, 2010

7 Years Of Eve Patches (Part 2)

So far I've covered the changes from the initial release in May 2003, through the addition of Tech II ships and gear in the Castor expansion in December 2003. The next major release was Exodus in November 2004 - Build # 2942, now this covers a whole lot of important stuff

2942 -Starbase Structures, System Sovereignty, Deadspace Complexes, Mining Barges, Destroyers, Battlecruisers, Ice Mining, System Scanning, Rogue Drones, Level 4 Missions, Player Alliances, War Declarations
- Eve became Eve as we know it with the release of exodus.

3004 - The Global chat channel has been closed.
- There was a time when the whole of New Eden could hang out in a single chat channel

3106 - It is no longer possible to complete a mission in space. You must talk to the agent to complete the mission.
- And in Dominion one of the new features was being able to complete some missions in space.

3211 - Transport Ship skill for advanced Industrials....
- Introduction of the t2 industrials, long before blockade runners got Covert cloaks

3364 - Stealth Bombers are now available from Research agents
- Stealth bombers sucked until the redesign of a year ago, now they are officially Awsome

3772 -Red Moon Rising Expansion
- Titans, Carriers, Motherships and 23 other Tech 2 ships.

- CCP expected only a couple of Titans to every be built, after all they're just giant epeens

- Tech level 1 ships have received an overhaul.
- This is where we really see racial frigate and cruiser roles crystalize with miners, tacklers, combat, missile Ewar and Scanning ships appearing. (although the amarr still lacked a scanning ship at this time)

- Drones are more robust and able to deal more damage, but players can control less numbers
- The epic drone nerf that left the Guardian Vexor as the only sub-capital capable of fielding more then 5 drones.

- Players are able to take matters into their own hands to protect themselves and their resources with the 'Eye for an Eye' and JetCan flagging changes
- Can stealing turns into can flipping

3805 - Added agent offers which dish out Empire charters needed to build starbases in Empire space.
- and within 5 minutes of the servers starting up all the moons near Jita were claimed.

3807 - Deployment of 70 dual-core, dual-CPU AMD Opteron LS20 Blades
- Fixing teh lag by throwing hardware at the problem.

3896 - Four new player race bloodlines are now available.
- And the Caldari Achura plague began.

3900 - Creating a second bloodline character on the same account no longer breaks the client window
- because it would suck to be limited to only one achura per account

3910 - Added a Reimbursement category in petitions
- so that it's easier to dash people's hopes when 'the logs show nothing'

3913 - The issue with the "your banned" window on login and session changes has been resolved.
- An issue beyond the incorrect use of the word 'your' I hope.

4557 - Windows 98/ME is no longer supported.
- and to think people whined about losing Eve Classic graphics

4561 - Bookmark copying is now limited to 5 bookmarks at a time
- A futile attempt to nerf the use of instawarp bookmarks?

After this the build number tracking system changes so, it's a good place to pause

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