Thursday, May 6, 2010

7 Years Of Eve Patches (Part 3)

When we last left our epic voyage through the patch notes we'd just come to the foot of a giant 20,000 point leap in build numbers brought forth by the new build system. We were on the Dragon branch, presumably tied into the release of Eve in China, so sometime between Blood Lines and Revelations, in the middle of 2006.

25245 - Deadspace acceleration gates no longer permit the entry of carriers, freighters, dreadnoughts, motherships and titans.
- Because it just wasn't fair on the pirates.

27121 - If you decline more than 1 mission, per agent, every 4 hours you will now take a standing hit to the faction that the agent works for.
- There was a reason for this limitation, the devs managed to forget it when they removed the limitation from Factional Warfare missions.

27912 - Revelations - Another biggie with a whole lot of stuff we take for granted these days
- "New areas of space have been discovered but are under the control of the first self-aware drone, Orphyx, and his Rogue Drone descendants"
- Let the mineralpocalypse begin!

- "Rigs And Salvaging" & "Exploration"
- Ninja Salvaging!

- "Invention will open wider access to the Tech Level II industry"
- But it won't stop people complaining about TII BPO's

- "The Contracts System is a player-driven mechanism for characters and corporations to formalize work agreements with each other"
- The contracts system is a great new feature to help people scam each other.

- "New Tier 2 Battlecruisers and Tier 3 Battleships to wreak more havoc on your enemies."
- for people who hate Drakes, this is the moment the game went downhill

But most important of all we have
- "'Warp to 0 km' will be added as an option to the 'Warp' menu."
- And millions of instawarp bookmarks were deleted from the DB

28028 - You can now leave your ship while docked, resulting in you appearing in the station in a pod and your ship in your shipbay.
- there was a time when you had to keep buying shuttles when moving 'your stuffs' from one place to another.

28296 -A new probe, the Multispectral Frequency Probe
- This is the only thing that people miss from the old scanning system, the ability to drop one probe and in 5 minutes know whether there are grav/mag/radar/ladar sites worth scanning down.

29239 -The Asteroid Belts in the following systems have been mined out (removed)...
- The universe of New Eden was restructured to try and break up trade/mission hubs. It didn't work.

29316, 29630, 29969 were a bunch of client bug fixes, the kind of thing we like to see and nothing to laugh about.

30636 - Logging off inside a warp disrupt bubble (mobile warp disrupt or interdictor bubble) no longer triggers an emergency warp.
- immediately followed by a bunch of killmails from logoffski fans who didn't/couldn't read the patchnotes.

31081 - Russian UI has been revoked from the client
- but it didn't stop Russians playing the game better than your average native english speaker.

31460 - Concord war fees have changed
- AKA the Privateer nerf

32517 - It is no longer possible to create courier contracts with a duration of 0 days
- CCP doing their bit to reduce the 'Stupidity Tax'

33752 - Revelations II - Added new features to sov warfare
- Jump Bridges/Cyno Beacons/Cyno Jammers
- These are so important in 0.0 that alliance pay billions in Sov fees to keep them running.

- Outpost and Starbase warfare
- Introduced levels of boredom into PVP which were unsurpassed until the arrival of Dominion.

- Heat
- Sov warfare makes news outside of Eve, but the introduction of Thermodynamics had a much wider effect on on combat and is an essential PVP skill to have.

- The EVE Data Export project will allow players to view information about the game world, their characters, corporations and more.
- The API appeared with Revelations II, making all sorts of indispensible apps possible.

- The existing LP/Offers system has been replaced with the new “LP Store” feature.
- Prior to this you couldn't really choose what you were getting for your continued loyalty, this has had a profound effect on the prices of faction gear on contracts. And helped make mission grinding even more profitable.

34381 - Font size in chat windows can now be increased to considerably larger than before.
- And we're still waiting on the ability to do this for the rest of the UI

35106 - Cowbell
- More cowbell

36191 - Rorqual ORE Capital Ship introduced
- One day I shall be flying one.

36800 - Starbase towers, whose damage states are changing and below 95% shield are now persisted periodically in the DB.
- When can we do the same thing for outposts?

37549 - CONCORD officers will now drop the donuts and immediately deploy with the intention of smoking your criminal derrière if you remote repair criminal NPCs.
- Of course, you can still remote rep some empire faction NPC's if you want to pretend that you're roleplaying and not griefing.

41736 - EVE will now run on Mac OS X and Linux.
- it won't necessarily run well...

Next time - the release of the new graphics engine In Trinity.

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