Thursday, May 6, 2010

7 Years Of Eve Patches (Part 4)

When we last left off Eve was about to get a massive facelift with the release of Trinity, but the patch notes reveal a whole lot of other changes, and they also didn't mention (because they didn't know) about the infamous 'boot.ini' problem.
(As I understand it builds 45017 and 45018 are essentially the same thing.)

45017 - CONCORD will now respond to aggressing drones during criminal acts by deactivating a pilot's capability to control them.
- Once upon a time it was possible that a suicide gank would succeed after the aggressing ship had been concorded as the drones continued their attack like mindless errrr drones.

45018 - Trinity Expansion
- a graphics update of gargantuan proportions
- The Trinity Trailer wins the prize for 'Most Accurate Depiction of Eve Online in an Eve Online Trailer'

- Jump Freighters, Heavy Interdictors, Marauders, Black Ops, Electronic Attack Ships
- Listed in order of importance IMHO

- Tip of the day
- Here's a tip - Vote For Me!

- Drone bandwidth is a new additional constraint on drones
- Because fielding a full wing of heavy drones from a Myrmidon was considered overpowered.

- Sansha faction ships now focus exclusively on energy turrets exclusively and shield tanking.
- and the Nightmare became truly awesome, shame they didn't go and change Sansha faction modules to align with this new vision.

- Bomb manufacturing will output 2 bombs per batch
- Later batches would increase this to 3 per batch and now 10 per batch. Now stealth bombers are *everywhere*.

45943 - EVE Voice should now work under Mac OS Leopard. Now ransomers can hear their victims sing "Dancing Queen".
- All Mac Users are Abba fans.

49137 - An issue which caused some users to be unable to type their username and password in the login window has been fixed.
- That's one way to fix lag.

51200 -Electronic Warfare Effects shown in Overview
- This was a big update with lots of ship rebalancing and a big boost for Amarr, but this small change, tucked away in the corner of the patch notes is probably the most essential thing they added.

53162 - NPC corporations will no longer be selling shuttles
- Essentially removing the price cap on Tritanium and making the mineral markets more of a market.

56866 - Empyrean Age Expansion
- You can sign up for Factional Warfare on behalf of the four main Empires
- We'll even make it worth your while... eventually.

- Black Rise, a new mainly lowsec region.
- Because we need a place to send Gallente mission runners when we add those experimental storyline missions.

- The since-long missing 6th Amarr frigate, the Magnate, has been released.
- The Gold and Silver Magnates were super rare prizes given out in 2003, now, anyone can own a cheap copy.

- Osprey Navy Issue
- At the height of Nano-Fever the Caldari were given their fastest ship yet! (Just wait for the NanoNerf - coming soon)

61817 - CONCORD have gone through multiple changes in organization and effectiveness.
- And so the current version of Condord appeared, response times were shortened, and security hits increased. Suicide ganking will surely be finally put to rest.

64311 - A new autopilot feature has been added: Avoid System.
- The 'please don't go to Jita' release, along with a new interstellar bypass system to let you navigate around The Forge without worrying about getting stuck loading Jita.

64451 - The autopilot avoidance system has been updated.
- Because the autopilot was telling everyone that Jita was 2,147,483,647 jumps away.

And so we'll pause here again, the next release was Quantum Rise... possibly the least popular expansion to date.

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