Friday, April 16, 2010

Alienware AlienFX Support in Tyrannis

Something I noticed on the Tyrannis Features Page:

Tyrannis harnesses the visual cue capability of AlienFX-compatible DELL machines and keyboards. The multi-colored perimeter lighting will now pulse and change when triggered by critical game events including:
  • Low capacitor
  • Warp scrambling
  • Autopilot waypoints and destination
  • Cargo full
  • Cap recharge levels when in jump-capable ships
Sounds kinda, but it would be even more awesome if it were a bit more general purpose - sending these kind of events to an external process that could operate any sort of visual/audible(/tactile?) cue in response to these events. Of course anything that could receive these kind of events could make bot writing a whole lot easier, so I don't expect this will happen any time soon.

Here's a video showing the keyboard lighting on one of those fancy gaming laptops, so you can imagine sitting in your carrier waiting for it to turn green and indicate you have the cap to jump again.

1 comment:

  1. FYI: keyboard backlight goes OFF after logging into eve. the events work fine but there is no way to have keyboard backlight on AND working events.

    but seriously, what did you expect from ccp...