Friday, April 16, 2010

CCP Nerfs The Great Deep Safe Nerf

Maybe the devs took the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull (was someone losing at scrabble when they came up with that name?) as a sign that some deity was angry that he was going to have to re-sub and move his logged out supercaps into plain old safe spots. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth a new dev blog was published backtracking on many of the changes.

It'll still be impossible to use current techniques to generate new safes, but instead of disabling warping to deep safes they're going to run a script to move all bookmarks and entities in towards the star. The bug fix will go live with tyrannis, but the script may not be ready by then, so you might be able to enjoy your super deep safe spots for a while longer than thought. The boundary was also moved out to 20AU beyond the deepest celestial, so there's a little more breathing room.

And if you ever wondered how many people were really doing this......

The fun bit at the end

  • There are around 2,300 items outside the 20AU boundary
  • Around 60% of these items are ships
  • Around 25% of these ships are unpiloted
  • There are around 430,000 bookmarks outside the 20AU boundary
  • The furthest bookmark is 5,900,000,000 AU (95,000 light years) from its sun. This is roughly the same distance as the diameter of the milky way

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