Thursday, April 29, 2010

POS Modules and Sovereignty Structures Now Buildable By Players on SiSi

A month ago I was speculating that the final products of planetary production chains would be Implants of Skillbooks, largely based upon the fact that final product names like 'Recursive Computing Module' and 'Wetware Mainframe' sounded like the kind of macguffins a mad scientist in New Eden would use to interface with a capsuleer's brain.

Well new developments on the test server pour water on this idea since a whole bunch of blueprints have appeared in the item database which use these advanced products. These blueprints aren't for implants or skills, they're for things like Gun Batteries, Corporate Hangar Arrays, SBU's, TCU's and a whole bunch of other big things that go in deep space rather than inside our head. So it's looking like mission runners will remain the primary source of implants for the moment, and brave traders will still be able to make great profits by supplying 0.0 stations with implants.

On the other hand, people testing planet side production in its current form are reporting pretty poor returns on their investments of time and materials - one player estimated that he could make 15 units of enriched uranium per day, which at current prices worked out to 1.5million isk per month. OTOH I can fly out to a belt in 0.0 and in 5 minutes I'll have made the same amount, so I would hope that there'll be some shuffling of numbers used in the production chains prior to the release, otherwise the number of people participating will be small, until NPC sell orders are removed and prices jump to 10x their current value as market forces take control.


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