Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Are A Winnar!

Apparently my crazed ramblings on the subject of the forthcoming economic changes which are soon to manifest in the form of Tyrannis have attracted sufficient respect from legitimate bloggers to be selected as a winner in Crazy Kinux's recent planetary interaction blogging competition.

I'm seriously chuffed with this turn of events, this blog is pretty new, still figuring out what it wants to be, and as such it's still one of the less travelled blogs with only a few readers dropping by from time to time. So being recognized by Eve's Blogfather is a great stamp of approval that shows that I have some practical knowledge of New Eden and this will hopefully bring on a few more readers.

The timing of this couldn't be better as I submitted my candidacy for the Council of Stellar Management last week, largely on a whim. With luck the people at CCP won't see any glaring errors in my application, and I'll spend the next month trying to convince some of my readers that I am perhaps the candidate most deserving of their vote. However, there will be more on that subject when the campaigning starts properly. (and even more on it if I'm rejected on some sort of technicality :)

The PLEX will go to fund "my daughter's" account, so that she can continue to make cute videos for youtube.

Fly Safe

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  1. Thanks Illectro! Expect a short email from me shortly! Short is the word of the day it seems! :p