Monday, April 12, 2010

What's In My Hangar?

If you know my play style you'll know that I'm something of a generalist in Eve, so I've trained for all the races ships and can fly almost any tech 1 sub capital ship, albeit with less than perfect skills (I still don't have many t2 weapons systems). So following the current Eve blogged meme my answer is well.. at least one of everything.

Essentially, if it's a regular t1 sub-cap then I've bought one, fitted it, flown around, run missions and then generally put it in storage with the rest of my collection. This includes all the racial industrials ships too all the way up to the rod err god of t1 hauling - the Iteron V. Beyond this I also own all the faction frigates, all the caldari T2 frigates, cruisers and haulers as well as an Orca and a Charon.

See I'm a bit of a collector when it comes to ships, so I have many of them that I've acquired simply to add to my collection, but I have spent a bit of time in all of them and prior to this I usually take a look at ship fits to get a decent clue as to how people think they should be flown. Of course being good at missiles and drones I occasionally find my preferred fits aren't exactly what everyone else is flying.

So here's what's currently in active use, assembled, and fitted.
'SnM' - Dominix: Dual rep setup with rails in the highs and a complement of drones. Solid, low maintenance mission running ship.
'Tickle Princess' & 'Tickle Me Again' - Drake: I asked my daughter for a ship name. Classic passive tanked with t2 heavy missiles. Great for missions, and letting my daughter fly. Flew with me on many PVP fleets before I really learned the value of battleships and spidertanks.
'Geddon it on' - Armageddon: switches between ratting and pvp setups through the magic of saved fittings. This ship originally started out based in BR-N97 when I was with Sylph, then followed me out to Wicked Creek for a while, before returning (via wormhole) to Catch and recently contributed some DPS to capture the station in BR-N97 for Twilight.
'Topsy' - Apocalypse: The classic RR fleet sniper.
'Hork' - Hawk: Strictly for speed running low level plexes and missions when necessary, never PVP'd with it.
'Xb' - Charon: Xb = Extra Boxy - like the Scion Xb, but a mile long.
'Cuddle Bunny' - Orca: another one named by my daughter. While it's an industrial vessel I'm proud to say it has a kill to its name.
'No More Speed' - Vigil: fitted with 3xOverdrives, 3x warp speed rigs this is my shuttle, it'll go faster than a shuttle while autopiloting to gate and warp faster. Also has a full rack of salvagers which has made me some cash from the wrecks of the occasional hi-sec gatecamp victim.
'Rapunzel' - Abaddon: yet another one named by Skye, fitted with Mega Beam lasers it burns its way through missions pretty well, but it doesn't get flown so much now that I fly the domi.
'Karri' - Caracal: Assault missiles and passive shield tank for running low level missions and cosmos plexes where assault frigates are banned. Caracal with assault missiles is complete win. I also have the navy variant, but I've got no imagination and done exactly the same thing with it, it's pretty good at doing the archaeology stuff in cosmos sites.
'Stupid' - Arbitrator: The only amarrian cruiser I liked was the Arbitrator, the other ones have trouble with frigates in level 2 missions and bigger ships in level 3 so I never really found them effective.
'Big Nose' - Buzzard: I actually have 3 buzzards around new eden, they're useful for all sorts of things, but not being seen is the most important thing they're good at.
'Sneaky Bastich' - Manticore: I like my stealth ships, and I like my stealth bombers a lot more since they god reworked.
'The Last Mimzy' - Tengu: Again, named by Skye. I've almost exclusively used the tengu with a covert cloak and interdiction nullifier for moving freely through 0.0. For a while I was heading into deep 0.0 systems and shooting the local rats for some variation on the angel/sansha rats I'd been used to. It did get caught by the bubble bug and subsequently petitioned successfully, but since the bug has been fixed it's largely avoided any direct interaction with reds.
'xxx' - Crane: This is my third blockade runner (the previous 2 suffered... accidents), it's your basic, extra agile covert delivery machine.
'No More Jetcans' - Hulk: Cargo expanded hulk used for lazy mining in hi-sec, hasn't seen a lot of use recently because of the profitability of insurance scams as a 'semi-afk' activity while doing real work. I also keep another hulk in 0.0 which is quite capable of tanking and killing rat battleship spawns.
'The Mack Is Back' - Mackinaw: because you need ice products to fuel all our POS's
'Flo' - Vexor: Like the arbitrator, a great mission ship I fly for fun from time to time.
'Thai Phoon' - Typhoon: I found one on contracts for a ridiculously low price when we moved back into Motarion Curze Memorial, so, I put torpedos on it and it's a pretty darn effective close range ship.
'Arrowhead' - Rokh: Fitted as a sniper, but really it's sitting in hi-sec doing very little because it's shield tanked and without t2 guns it's not the epic sniper that it could be. In a couple of months though I expect to be ablt to deliver some serious hurt with t2 hybrids.
'Don't Ask' - Republic Fleet Firetail: Fitted with large rigs from the days before sized rigs and before the rebalancing. For a long time I used this as my fast transport ship, and it was great at zipping around in 0.0 generating strategic bookmarks while acting as bait. Hasn't seen any pvp since the change in rig sizes since it's now something of a collectors Item.
'Hippo' - Caldari Navy Hookbill: Again, large rigs (CDFP's), but I can't come up with a decent fit these days with those rigs so it's sitting around waiting for some love.
'Rod' - Iteron V: Cargo expanded for moving production materials from the refining station to the manufacturing station. Originally brought down to 0.0 via a WH that conveniently popped up on the day we needed to kill an outpost, letting us bring a bunch of supplies through to 0.0.
'Buster' - Bustard: Before I could fly the itty this was my hauler workhorse in 0.0, it's still preferred when the loads are small enough because it's tougher and has built in resistance to warp disruptors.
'Trieste' - Tristan: I bought this because I needed a t1 frigate for some mission, and I figured this never gets any love because it's a Gallente missile ship. I like it for missions.
'Skeewiff' - Skiff: Before I had transport ships the skiff was my transport, it warped and aligned faster than most industrials and had a decent cargo hold, it's now setup for mercoxit mining, and hasn't seen any in months.

Everything else is packaged away in storage. Except for hundreds of noobships I've picked up in space, abandoned by their owners, I've left them unpackaged to keep their original names "xxx's Velator". One day I dream of leading an army of volunteers in these noobships to glory... or something like that. Or maybe I'll just move them into one giant pile and smartbomb them.

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