Saturday, April 24, 2010

Who the hell is steve?

After the latest Dev Blog covering the redesign, redistribution and addition of landmarks to New Eden I had more than a few questions about 'Steve'
What's this Steve business?

Well you need to know a bit of (St)Eve history to get the reference - Steve was the first Titan built in the game, and also the first one destroyed, in celebration of this watershed event in 0.0 power balance the wreck of this titan is on permanent display in C9N-CC, a system in the Esoteria region.

Ascendant Frontier were one of the big alliances back in 2006, big enough to be able to throw sufficient resources at their titan construction and beat all the other alliances to the prize of having the first Titan in Eve. It was unveiled to much fanfare on September 25, 2006 - pilots from all over the empire were lining up to get experience the power of Judgement so they could show the lossmail to their grandchildren, or something like that. Ascendant Frontier were also the first alliance to deploy a player built outpost.

Ultimately BOB brought down Steve when the pilot logged out with aggro timers still active, enabling enemy pilots to probe him down and make short work of the defenceless supercapital, Steve was destroyed on December 11th 2006, not even 3 months old.

Ascendant Frontier went on to provide a textbook example of an alliance failcascade, but they made their mark on the universe of new Eden before their time was up.


  1. I was wondering about that. Its things like this that make EVE the game it is.

  2. Oh thanks a ton for posting this, I just thought that was a non sequiter.

  3. Excellent bit of player-made lore.